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Gallery owner and art connoisseur, Amaryllis Feria has been collecting Latin American art since the early 70’s in her native Puerto Rico. Since then, she has also lived in Venezuela, Brazil and Miami where she has immersed herself in the local art scenes, learning and forging great relationships along the way. 

Amaryllis acted as Assistant Editor for the book “Cundo Bermudez” (Cuban American Endowment for the Arts-2000) – an in-depth retrospective of Cundo’s extensive work.  For more than three years she worked side by side with Cundo – whom she had known for over a decade while living in Puerto Rico – compiling, organizing, and helping authenticate all of the pieces that were included in the above referenced book.   The result is one of the most complete art books put together celebrating one of the greatest Cuban Masters.

Amaryllis is known for her straightforward, honest and people- friendly approach to art dealing; combined with an undying – passion for what she does, she brings a unique and rewarding experience to the “art” of art consulting and dealing.

In 2007, Amaryllis – alongside her ex business partner – were pioneers in the art world, when they opened an online art gallery. In 2009 she opened her own online art gallery. In 2014 she revisited the scope of the gallery to be focused, but not limited, to the Secondary Art Market and consulting. 


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